Price for rights to buy Vietnam Airlines shares announced

The Ministry of Transport expects to collect at least 2.235 trillion VND (98.45 million USD) from the sale of more than 371.53 million rights to buy preference stakes in the Vietnam Airlines Corporation.
Illustrative image (Source: Vietnam Airlines)
Illustrative image (Source: Vietnam Airlines)

The ministry fixed the price for each right to purchase shares of Vietnam Airlines (HVN) at 6,026 VND.

For every 100 rights, 15.57 shares of Vietnam Airlines are purchased at a price of 10,000 VND each. 

Earlier, the Ministry of Transport asked the representative of State stake in Vietnam Airlines to draft plans to reduce State ownership to 51 percent of the national flag carrier’s charter capital in 2019.

The ministry said these plans should be based on the corporation’s business and development investment strategies as well as the stock market situation and capital demands.

The plans must contain implementation methods and progress, and assessments of interests of the State and the enterprise.

Vietnam Airlines has chartered capital of nearly 12.28 trillion VND, of which the State holds 1.057 billion shares, equivalent to 86.16 percent of the charter capital. Of the remaining shareholders, ANA Holdings Inc, Japan’s largest aviation group, holds 107 million shares, nearly 8.8 percent of charter capital.

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