Police to investigate rumor spread causing land fever in HCMC

The HCMC Party Committee's standing deputy secretary yesterday said he would ask the city Police Department to investigate and handle brokers for spreading false rumors, showing signs of frauds rocketing up land price to make profit.
Housing land offered for sale in District 9, HCMC (Photo: SGGP)
Housing land offered for sale in District 9, HCMC (Photo: SGGP)
Mr. Tat Thanh Cang  was presiding over an unscheduled meeting with leaders of the city People’s Committee, agencies and districts to tackle the rumor spread which has caused a virtual land fever in the city, causing economic-social instability.
Analyzing reasons for the land fever, deputy chairman of the committee Le Van Khoa said that firstly the city’s technical and social infrastructures have been developed synchronously and well built, bettering residents’ life. Secondly, media information about some specific projects in Can Gio and Cu Chi district has contributed to the fever.
Thirdly, the Department of Planning and Investment; under instruction by the city Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee; in 2016 worked with districts to review and adjust plan problems and years delay projects affecting the legitimate benefits of residents. After the adjustment, land prices in areas with planning failure have returned to their real values.
Fourthly, speculators have exaggerated land prices to illicitly make profit.
About solutions, Mr. Khoa said that the first thing was to publicize land use plans and planning in all districts, wards and communes. The Department of Planning and Investment should require Districts 12 and Thu Duc to create a phone software for residents to look up and grasp planning information about any land pierce or area instead of contacting ward and district cadres to check that.
City People’s Committee leaders affirmed that Nha Be, Binh Chanh and Hoc Mon rural districts are unqualified now to upgrade into urban districts. The construction of Can Gio bridge to replace Binh Khanh ferry has been just a policy by the Government. There are processes with many procedures needing be done from the policy to implementation of the project so the bridge is a future story.
So far there is no plan approved for Can Gio sea-encroaching urban project but land prices have been rocked up, added Mr. Cang.
In Cu Chi, a business tended to invest in a riverside road and Marina City project in Trung An Commune. The road has just been an idea without any specific proposal while the city has yet to agree with the second project and focused on developing Tay Bac Cu Chi urban area.
The city People’s Committee instructed districts to intensify land management to prevent the spontaneous division of plan parcels into individual lots for sale and exploitation of Decision 33 on land parcel separation to make profit.
The committee has required the State Bank of Vietnam’s branch in HCMC to direct commercial banks to tightly manage real estate related loaning ratio as per regulations.
Taking about the under discussion amendment of Decision 33, Mr. Khoa said that aimed to ensure legitimate benefits for residents and prevent illegal mercenary motives from land speculation.
Concluding the meeting, Mr. Cang appreciated the city People’s Committee’s timely actions for the last days to the land fever.
He required the committee’s civil affair board to advice issue of two draft documents. The first one will be for the city Party Committee’s standing board to provide guidance about real estate markets and housing and land prices. The second one will implement directions by the city People’s Committee to the political system. The two draft documents should be submitted to the standing board for approval and implementation next week.
The city Party Committee's office should compile a document to rectify verbalizations by all agencies according to the law and Party regulations to prevent misunderstanding statements, make timely statements if there are false rumors instead of waiting until there are official meetings to inform the media, Mr. Cang stressed.
He agreed with the city People’s Committee to publicize land plans for citizens to be aware of, proposing party leaders in rural districts to have measures to help farmers catch planning information and right understand them.
The city must ensure that socioeconomic, urban and infrastructure development accords with approved plans, he emphasized.
From now until the end of this year, the city People’s Committee should take timely actions to manage prices in real estate and other fields to stabilize the market and ensure residents’ life.

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