Police raze cross-country trade, stockpile of nearly 7-ton firecrackers

Police of Thuong Tin District under the Hanoi Department of Public Security this morning informed a mysterious crime of tracing and razing a cross-country trade and stockpile of firecrackers with a total weight of up to nearly seven tons.
Police raze cross-country trade, stockpile of nearly 7-ton firecrackers ảnh 1

Nguyen Manh Phai along with exhibits

Previously, on October 12, the police forces grasped information at rental houses near the K74 warehouse in Vinh Loc Hamlet, Thuong Tin District showing suspicious signs of storing prohibited goods being firecrackers.

Through the verification, the police agency identified that the rental house of Nguyen Thi Mai in Thanh Tri District showed suspicious signs.

Therefore, on October 14, the Thuong Tin District Police promptly checked the rental houses and the functional forces detected 406 carton boxes with 12 small boxes in each box containing 36 cylinders of exploding fireworks with a total weight of over 6,800 kilograms.

On October 15, the Thuong Tin District Police prosecuted the criminal case for the act of “prohibited goods storing”. Besides, the case is being widened for investigation and the functional forces identified that the main subject of the case is Nguyen Manh Phai, born in 1998, and living in Thuong Tin District.

Via social media, Phai made acquaintance with a person nearby the Northern border area and regularly contact this person. After that, the subject proposed Phai prepare a warehouse containing a huge amount of firecrackers produced by China to consume in the Southern region by the end of the year. Subject Phai agreed and rent a rental house from Nguyen Van Truong, in Thuong Tin District to store firecrackers which is in the rental house range of Mai.

On October 14, when the functional forces detected the number of firecrackers in the rental house, Phai decided to flee to the localities of Lang Son, Dien Bien, Son La, Dak Lak, Phu Quoc and so on.

By December 9, the police agency caught Nguyen Manh Phai and forced the subject to confess his entire crime.