PM receives President and CEO of Siemens

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh on February 26 received Roland Busch, visiting President and CEO of Siemens Group – a German-based technology group that has run its representative office in Vietnam since 1993.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and visiting President and CEO of Siemens Group Roland Busch at their meeting on February 26 (Photo: VNA)

Affirming the importance of deepening relations with Germany in all fields, the PM said he is pleased to see that, after nearly five decades of diplomatic relations and more than a decade of strategic partnership, the nations’ ties have been continuously strengthened and developed, particularly in trade and investment.

He stated that Vietnam has been improving its institutional system and policies for a better business climate of convenience, equality, safety, stability, and transparency, with a commitment to creating favourable conditions for enterprises, including those from Germany like Siemens, to invest and conduct long-term and effective business in the country. Vietnam protects their legitimate rights and interests in all circumstances on the basis of mutual benefits.

Appreciating Vietnam’s potential and business climate, Busch said Siemens has effectively collaborated with the nation in many areas, especially renewable energy and transport.

He highlighted the group’s desire to expand cooperation, investment, and business in Vietnam, particularly regarding digital transformation, green transition, electric car manufacturing, infrastructure for national data centres, and urban and high-speed railway development.

Chinh proposed Siemens promote technology transfer and innovation in Vietnam and support the country in high-quality human resources training, finance, and digital transformation.

The PM hoped the German group would transfer technology for renewable energy development, expand its production and market of electric cars, and establish a research and development centre in Vietnam. He welcomed the company’s cooperation, technology transfer and capital provision to help Vietnam develop its railway system.

Agreeing with PM Chinh, Busch said Siemens will continue to support the nation in training human resources and its enterprises in going global while working with local ministries, sectors, and localities to implement specific projects to realise the PM’s recommendations.

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