PM hosts director of Harvard University's Vietnam Program

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh hosted a reception for Thomas Vallely, Director of the Vietnam Program at Harvard University and experts from Fulbright University Vietnam on March 18.
PM hosts director of Harvard University's Vietnam Program ảnh 1 Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh (R) hosts Thomas Vallely, Director of the Vietnam Program at Harvard University (Photo: VNA)
The PM highly valued contributions by Vallely in the formation of Fulbright University Vietnam. He said that the Vietnamese Government will continue to create favorable conditions for the university to continue to develop and become one of the high-quality human resources training facilities in Vietnam.
Currently, Vietnam is strengthening measures and policies to speed up socio-economic recovery and development and prioritizing the building of mechanisms and policies to lay foundation for long-term and sustainable growth, he said, stressing that the country considers the people the core, the subject, the major resources for and the target of development.
At the same time, the country defines the effective implementation of education-training policies and science-technology as the leading strategy and the key motivation for national development, he said.
The PM highlighted goals of the socio-economic recovery and development program. He said that in order to realize the development goals, the Government places importance to enhancing dialogues and policy consultations on economic development with world leading research centers.
The PM spoke highly of Vallely’s proposal on coordination between Havard University, Fulbright University Vietnam and Vietnamese Government agencies to organize the Vietnam Executive Leadership Program (VELP) to discuss socio-economic issues in Vietnam.
He suggested a number of discussion contents for the program, including green growth, sustainable energy development, solutions to complete socialist-oriented market institutions, innovation and public-private partnership to mobiliser resources for national development.
For his part, Vallely thanked the Vietnamese Government for facilitating Fulbright University Vietnam’s operation, affirming that in the time to come, the university will work harder to enhance its training efficiency to become a high-quality training center in Vietnam as well as in the region.
He noted that Havard University and Fulbright University have worked with Vietnamese agencies to organize seven editions of the VELP. He expressed his hope that another edition will be held in 2022, with focus on priorities in Vietnam's socio-economic development.
Vallely lauded Vietnam's goals and strong commitments at the COP26, and affirmed his support to Vietnam during the realization of solutions to climate change response and green growth promotion, thus turning the country into a model inspiring other developing countries in the field.

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