Pedagogy students receive VND3.63 million monthly for private expenditure

According to the governmental decree, pedagogy students are entitled to receive financial support of VND3.63 million (US$ 156.5) for their private expenditure during the pursuit of higher education.
Pedagogy students at graduation ceremony (Photo: SGGP)
Pedagogy students at graduation ceremony (Photo: SGGP)
To attract good students into pedagogy schools, the government has issued a decree that students of special schools will be entitled to receive the sum. The decree takes effect from November 15, 2020.
Pedagogy students receive the financial assistance equal to their tuition payment. Additionally, they are given VND3.63 million monthly for their own private expenditure in ten months in an academic year.
The decree also stated clearly that students must pay back the sum if they refuse to work in schools two years after graduation or not complete full years.
Moreover, those enjoying the financial aid but switched to different faculties, dropped schools or those who are forced to quit school because they seriously violate the regulations.
The decree also said that students who are suspended from school or temporarily drop school will not receive the support. But those stopping studies because of accidents, illnesses or those repeat a class because of bad performance can still receive financial aids.

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