Over thousands of Hanoians participate in walking for heart’s health

“For heart’s health” walking was jointly held by the Hanoi People’s Committee, the Fund for a good heart’s health organization, the Vietnam National Heart Institute to promote physical activity and take vitamin supplement tablets on the celebration of the World Hypertension Day (May 17).

Over thousands of Hanoians participate in walking for heart’s health
Chairman of the Vietnam National Heart Association Professor Nguyen Lan Viet emphasized that up to 25 percent of the country’s population have heart diseases and hypertension.
Worse, lately, more young Vietnamese below age of 25 have the disease with the proportion of 47 percent yet they are unaware of their illness.
High blood pressure is “a silent killer” because in most cases, there are no clear warning signs of high blood pressure, but blood pressure can become dangerously high and threaten one’s organs and your life.
This is the reason why approximately 60 percent of Hypertension victims have not been detected and over 80 percent of victims have not been cured.
Nowadays, Hypertension is the top of deadly diseases. It is the reason that have led to millions of deaths per year, It is also the cause of heart failure and cerebrovascular accident.
According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 17.5 million heart disease-related deaths globally, four times higher than the other diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria and pulmonary tuberculosis. Apart from that, over 7 million people die of high blood pressure and its complications.
Health experts have recommended that people especially young persons should lead a healthier lifestyle including reducing your sodium intake, not drinking alcohol, not eating animals’ fat, avoiding foods rich in cholesterol, no smoking and taking exercises everyday.
The event has attracted thousands of capital’s residents.

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