Ministry asks to protect teachers

In its yesterday document, the Ministry of Education and Training asked the chairman of People’s Committee in the Mekong delta province of Long An to probe after a teacher was forced to kneel in apology by angry parents at a local school.
Ministry asks to protect teachers
Additionally, the Ministry proposed People’s Committee to correct the rules of conduct and build safe environment in schools as well as adopt measures to “protect teachers” contributing to education sector's renovation in the country generally and the province particularly.
As per the Department of Education’s report, teacher Bui Thi Cam Nhung of Binh Chanh Primary in Nhut Chanh Commune was forced to kneel by some parents at school on February 28 because she had made some students kneel in class for violating school rules before, the parents claim that it had scared their children from going to school.
The story of kneeling teachers badly affected education sector, teachers’ self-respect and the country’s tradition of respect to teacher.
Head of the Department of Teacher and Education Management Hoang Duc Minh said in principle, teachers must assume the responsibility and there will be fines if teachers have bad behaviors; however, any act that humiliates teachers is a violation of human rights; accordingly, it should have condemnation and even punishment.
Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa, Standing Member of the National Assembly’s Committee on Culture, Education of Children and Youth March 5 said that the sad story of kneeling teacher in Long An province once again have set alarm bells ringing about wrong doings which damaged the country’s good tradition.
She said personally, it is unacceptable with angry parents’ behaviors to force teachers to kneel, said Ms. Hoa.
With her experience in working in education sector, Ms. Hoa said teachers should consider punishment for students in a way to help them realize their fault and improve their personality. The story is a lesson for all teachers and managers. The most present important thing is to stabilize student’s spirit and teachers involved.

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