Long-term US investment welcomed for Fulbright University Vietnam

Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai welcomed the continued long-term US investment in Fulbright University Vietnam (FUV).

At the reception (Photo: VNA)

Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai welcomed the continued long-term US investment in Fulbright University Vietnam (FUV) during a reception in Hanoi on March 19 for Director of the Vietnam Programme at Harvard University Prof. Thomas Vallely and FUV’s experts.

Deputy PM Khai assured them of the Vietnamese Government's commitment to continued support to the FUV, aiming to establish it as a premier centre for quality human resources development in Vietnam.

He accorded his praise to Vallely for his significant contributions to advancing the Vietnam – US relations, particularly in the realms of education and policy dialogue, stressing that he is truly a close friend of Vietnam.

He believed that a ministry-level cooperation agreement on education and training signed in November 2023 will provide a solid foundation for deeper collaboration between US and Vietnamese universities.

On the occasion, the Deputy PM thanked Vallely, Harvard Kennedy School, and Fulbright University for their close collaboration with the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoF) to prepare for the 2024 Vietnam Executive Leadership Programme (VELP).

Vallely, for his part, stressed that he is looking forward to the discussions at 2024 VELP with more dynamic and updated content, in line with the current global developments and the evolving landscape of Vietnam's economy, especially solutions to both ensure macroeconomic stability, fiscal and monetary policy, and sustainable economic development amid global fluctuations.

According to him, experts will share insights and ideas on topics regarding renewable energy development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, semiconductor industry, chip manufacturing, global AI, and the prospects for Vietnam's involvement in these value chains at 2024 VELP.

In response, Khai hoped that the 2024 VELP will not only spark new ideas for Vietnamese agencies to formulate and perform development policies tailored to Vietnam's conditions but also identify priority areas and outline a roadmap to connect with international resources.

Expressing hope for further substantial development in cooperation between Vietnam and its US partners, particularly in policy dialogue, human resources development, and education-training, he voiced his desire for the continued success of high-level policy exchange programmes like VELP in the coming years.

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