Kindness of Vietnamese people captures her heart, says Canadian photographer

Touched by the kindness of the Vietnamese people, renowned Canadian photographer Langevin Suzanne decided to stay in Dong Hoi District of Quang Binh Province for the rest of her life.

Canadian photographer Langevin Suzanne says kindness of Vietnamese people captures her heart

A world-famous photographer is choosing to live the rest of her life in a land that she says is because she is enamored of the scenery and the people here.

Previously, in her eyes, Vietnam was an unfamiliar country and simply the ultimate destination in Southeast Asia. But after receiving good treatment and understanding the local people, Suzanne didn’t return home after leaving the hospital. Instead, she bought a motorbike and embarked on a journey to explore all of Vietnam. Everywhere she went, she was warmly welcomed and embraced. By the end of that year, Suzanne returned to her home country, but in her heart, she had already decided to come back to Vietnam because of the unique experiences she had never encountered before.

In 2018, after having lost loved ones, Canadian photographer Langevin Suzanne who was born in 1955 decided to travel to Southeast Asia. The last country she set foot in was Vietnam. Landing at Tan Son Nhat airport, she went to Da Lat by motorbike and unfortunately was swept away by water at the Dray Sap tourist attraction. Suzanne broke three ribs and had one leg infected after the incident. In her time of need, she received excellent medical care from the staff at the tourist area. After a night, she was taken to a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the beginning of 2019, she decided to return to Vietnam as she wanted to go back to Dong Hoi, to revisit this land because of local inhabitants’ assistance during her previous trip. There, she met enthusiastic and generous people, and she was impressed by the friendly smiles of the locals—their willingness to assist me.

Suzanne's story is a testament to the warm hospitality of the Vietnamese people. It is also a reminder that even in the face of adversity, there is always kindness to be found.

She was surprised that no one in the province accepted the money she offered as a token of gratitude for their help. Suzanne shared that when she returned to Dong Hoi, she had a fall from her bike. A couple who ran a small grocery store promptly went to buy bandages, cleaned her wound, applied a large bandage to protect it, and took her to a medical facility for treatment. However, when Suzanne offered them money, the couple refused to accept a single penny.

When she learned about the financial difficulties faced by everyone, she was shocked by their refusal of money and deeply moved by their selfless assistance, recounted the female photographer.

Her heart was touched by such kindness, Suzanne said emotionally. She continued recounting another memory that while dining at a restaurant in Dong Hoi, she left a generous tip for the staff. They chased after her to return the excess amount, thinking she had given too much. On a different occasion, when she got lost, a volunteer woman gave her a ride without expecting any payment in return

Suzanne has been touched by the kindness of the local people. Whenever she needed help, people were always eager to volunteer without expecting anything in return. She has traveled extensively and knows that tips are never refused. The kindness of the Vietnamese people has won her heart.

Dong Hoi, in particular, has become her second home.

Alone in Dong Hoi and traveling throughout Vietnam that year, when Suzanne returned to Quang Binh Province to return to a small apartment, she stood gazing at the silver-haired waves on Dong Hoi beach. Overwhelmed with sadness at the prospect of leaving the land that had healed her wounds, she made a momentous decision. Suzanne sold her entire property in Canada to apply for a lifelong visa to live in Vietnam. When asked about the reason, she simply said that she passionately loves the peaceful Southeast Asian country.

She bought a house in Dong Hoi District and has been living there ever since. She has traveled extensively throughout Vietnam, capturing the beauty of the country and its people in her photographs.

However, as with everything in life, things haven't always been easy. When she rented an apartment in a tourist area for long-term living, she signed a contract with a construction company to complete the interior of the apartment according to her own design. The money was paid in advance, but the company did not fulfill its commitments, from the materials used to the design itself.

As a last resort, she had to sue the company. Many people said I would lose because I was a foreigner. She didn't believe them because she had met so many good people. And finally, she was right. The judge ruled that the company had to compensate me for the damages for five months, so she could move into her new home, the female photographer said.

Despite this setback, why did she still choose Vietnam, choose Quang Binh to stay for the rest of her life? The famous photographer replied that Quang Binh Province is beautiful, peaceful, and pollution-free, with no dust and no noisy traffic like industrial cities, it is a city near the sea but not too many foreign tourists. Most importantly, the people here are warm and loving. After five years, my love for this place remains the same."

Vietnam's scenery is something she has never experienced before in her life, especially the scenery in Sapa. Subsequently, she spent a lot of time in this land, taking beautiful photos of Sapa's majestic landscapes that have been published in international magazines that she is working for. In the coming time, she revealed to carry out her photography projects to help promote Vietnam to the world, teach English for free to children and learn Vietnamese to learn about local culture and Vietnamese culture whenever she travels to different parts of the country, said photographer Langevin Suzanne.

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