Kindergarten teachers proposed to retire at 55

According to the draft Law on Educators, kindergarten teachers are proposed to retire at the age of 55.

Kindergarten teachers are proposed to retire at the age of 55

The National Assembly's Committee for Culture and Education and the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) yesterday organized a workshop to listen to expert opinions on state management of educators in the draft Law on Educators.

Speaking at the workshop, Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son emphasized that the National Assembly Standing Committee has agreed to submit the Law on Educators to the 15th National Assembly's 2024 Lawmaking Program. This good news meets the expectations of 1.6 million educators in educational institutions nationwide.

Head of the Department of Educators and Education Management Officials under MOET Vu Minh Duc said that the draft Law on Educators stipulates that the salary of educators is prioritized to be the highest compared to the system of administrative and career salary scales.

In addition to the salary policy, educators are also entitled to high occupational allowances compared to other industries, commensurate with the complexity of the work and suitable for working conditions.

Last but not least, teachers also enjoy preferential policies such as housing, allowances, subsidies, training policies, annual periodic health checks, tuition support for children of educators, and priority in recruitment.

The draft also regulates the retirement age of educators in accordance with the working characteristics of each level of education. Accordingly, kindergarten teachers are allowed to retire at the age of 55; highly qualified educators (professors, associate professors, Ph.D holders) have their working age extended as long as they are still in good health and have aspirations to continue working in an institution with a need.

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