Inspirational women with great creativity benefit society, community

Among the 11 honorees to be awarded in the Ton Duc Thang Award in 2023, there are three female honorees with numerous typical initiatives in the field of scientific research and the processing industry.

Practical effects

Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Thuy is taking care of black mice (Photo: SGGP)

Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Thuy is taking care of black mice (Photo: SGGP)

Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Thuy, Head of the Laboratory Animal Breeding Team Experiment, Ho Chi Minh City Center for Biotechnology, introduced the initiative to import and breed the C57BL/6 mouse line (also known as the black mouse) for vaccine research. With only 25 breeding mice imported from Singapore at the beginning of 2022, up to now, the herd of black mice has had hundreds of offspring to serve the biomedical research within the center and, by extension, in the country.

Previously, biomedical research in Vietnam mainly used guinea pigs (white mice). However, this breed is not widely recognized in the world, so the research results are only applicable in the country, and cannot reap the desired results. Armed with this understanding, Ms. Thuy researched and decided to import black mice from Singapore for breeding and supplying to domestic research units.

According to Ms.Thuy, in the past, testing on imported black mice was very costly. Therefore, the successful breeding and rearing of black mice in Vietnam has contributed to actively supporting research and testing related to domestic animals.

Along with the initiative to import and breed black mice, during her 16 years of working at the Biotechnology Center of HCMC, Ms. Thuy has launched many initiatives in scientific research and received many city-level awards. To this end, she has made constant efforts and devoted herself to making practical contributions to the community. During the research process, notwithstanding many failures, she was never discouraged and always looked for new solutions.

With the same aspiration to increase labor productivity and reduce pressure for workers, Ms. Ho Thuy Bao Nhu, food factory production manager of Unilever Vietnam International Co., Ltd., also has many breakthrough innovations involving application of science and technology, as well as digital transformation in production processes.

During her 7 years of working at the company, Ms. Nhu has had many initiatives to improve the production process, saving up to millions of dollars for the company. In particular, the initiative "Improving environmental conditions in the area for semi-finished products and methods of disinfecting equipment" has helped the company reduce the weekly frequency of cleaning and disinfecting equipment by nearly 40 percent, increasing the total productivity by nearly 6 percent. This initiative also helps reduce working time, reduce emissions to the environment, increase equipment life, and save the company more than US$71,000(VND1.7 billion) in 2022.

Keeping the flame of passion

Ms. Ho Thuy Bao Nhu is guiding and training workers

Ms. Ho Thuy Bao Nhu is guiding and training workers

According to Ms. Ho Thuy Bao Nhu, her work in the field of food production requires a clean working environment. Thus, every week workers have to spend 8 hours at the beginning and 8 hours at the end of the week to do the cleaning, which is quite arduous and involves high exposure to water.

Therefore, she is very delighted when the aforementioned initiative is applied and brings practical benefits in terms of reducing work pressure and increasing productivity.

Also working in the field of food processing, requiring ingenuity and meticulousness, every year, Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc Diem, Executive Producer of the red fish line of Saigon Food Joint Stock Company, has about 8 to 10 initiatives to improve the company's production process, which benefit the company about $83,800 (VND2 billion). With her personal experience and dedication to the profession, Ms. Diem inspires her workers through specific actions. She is always willing to instruct every worker, step by step. As a result, Ms. Diem has trained 48 workers who managed to reach higher positions, and 35 workers who won the title of excellent worker.

Working in the company for more than 12 years, holding many positions with many different challenges, Diem always tries her best to find new ways to tackle every problem she encounters. She yearns to learn more and strives restlessly to increase the productivity of employees, reduce costs for the company and meet all requirements of customers.

Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc Diem (on the left) is instructing workers to process fish

Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc Diem (on the left) is instructing workers to process fish

Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Thuy: Desire to make further contributions

I always try to come up with topics and conduct research that can be transferred to serve the community and society, especially the breeding of more mouse lines to meet the demands of domestic research. It is hoped that mechanisms and policies related to procurement of facilities and equipment for research will be more approachable and flexible for researchers.

Ms. Ho Thuy Bao Nhu: Motivation to strive

Engaging in the production environment incentivises me to have more initiatives to improve the working environment. Receiving the Ton Duc Thang Award is a great motivation for me to contribute more, because it emboldens me to continuously pursue my dreams, turning the seemingly unrealistic ideas into reality.

Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc Diem: Career passion of utmost priority

Working in the food processing industry deprives female workers of the time for family, as well as the pleasure of beauty, as nail polish and perfume are not allowed. However, what is more important is the passion and enthusiasm for the job, which can help one to successfully pursue our career. Therefore, as an experienced worker, I want to spread the passion for the profession and motivate workers by imparting practical experience and skills to workers through both theories and practices.

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