Individual houses combined with rentals to receive stricter management

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha yesterday chaired a meeting to gather opinions for the draft Decree detailing a number of articles in the amended Housing Law.


In this legal document, the Construction Ministry has separated the content of multi-storey, multi-apartment houses into a specific chapter, aiming to strictly manage individual, multi-storey, multi-apartment houses for sale, lease and accommodation for many people.

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha then noted that housing development programs and plans must accurately assess the national housing situation as well as the specific supply - demand for each segment in order to regulate the market and ensure housing for the people.

"Individual houses combined with rental and accommodation for many people must apply safety standards like apartment buildings," said the Deputy Prime Minister.

He asked that the Construction Ministry continue simplifying the condominium classification process to encourage the participation of businesses according to the criteria for green condominiums (energy-saving, green spaces, environmentally friendly materials, water and air quality...) that are smart, convenient, safe, not just focusing on functionality.

There must be appropriate forms of honor and support for rated condominiums as well.

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