High school students trained firefighting skills

Nearly 450 twelve graders of Le Quy Don Senior High School in Ho Chi Minh City attended firefighting course yesterday.
Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo
Training program of firefighter skills is one of annual activities of life skills and safety tips on the curriculum, said teacher Nguyen Thi Hong Chau, chief of teacher team. The activity aims to create playground for students offering students’ self-survival skills and initiatives in addressing problem when fire breaks out.
Before, teachers and the firefighting police in HCMC had compiled a handbook and 1,200 leaflets of firefighting and prevention to increase knowledge of the matter as well as self-rescue skills.
Students were provided with knowledge of the causes of fire, and firefighting skills in schools, households and buildings and how to handle the situation and to use portable extinguishers when fire blazes.
Additionally, students learnt how to report a fire, a gas leak and self-rescue skills.
In the training session, students partook also in the rehearsal and dealing with hypothetical fire.

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