HCMC ready for control of Covid-19 in new normal situation

For the first time, Ho Chi Minh City has assessed and officially announced the epidemic level of each ward, commune, district, and city in accordance with the government’s Resolution 128 on October 24.


HCMC ready for control of Covid-19 in new normal situation ảnh 1
According to the assessment, the city is ranked at the second level of epidemic risk (or medium risk); therefore, administrative solutions and other social activities will continue to be easing regulations for the new normal when the city reaches the first level (or low risk).
The city can achieve such good results thanks to various drastic and synchronous solutions under the direction of the Government, the National Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control, the Ministry of Health, and the Ho Chi Minh City Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control. Moreover, governments in all districts, departments, socio-political organizations, voluntary organizations, and people from all walks of life are united and determined to fight the epidemic.
Currently, the number of new cases in the city has decreased but is still high thankfully, the vaccination rate of people over 18 years old in the city has reached 99.12 percent, and especially the rate of full dose vaccination of people over 65 years old has reached 89.97 percent, so the city is classified as a medium-risk place at the second level. However, the city authorities and the health sector must have a plan to respond to the third level ( or high risk).
Furthermore, the city must complete fully self-reliant in the battle against the pandemic, thousands of medical workers students who have been sent to help Ho Chi Minh City and other southern localities in the fight against Covid-19 have withdrawn from the southern metropolis as the city has put the coronavirus situation under control.
Response scenarios for different circumstances of each risk level in the safe adaptation and effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic according to the Resolution 128 have been developed and implemented by the HCMC health sector to monitor the natural progression of the pandemic and detect Covid-19 outbreaks and infection cases early as well as provide care and treatment for people with Covid-19. The epidemic control groups of the city's Center for Disease Control are ready to fight when a new outbreak is detected.
The city has had a plan to replace military medical soldiers and promote the effectiveness of mobile medical stations in districts and Thu Duc city epidemic prevention steering committees and the health sector in accordance with the actual requirements. The city has even set up reserve squads for emergency situations. Treatment facilities at field hospitals and treatment hospitals are also ready for new situations in response to the epidemic levels.
Public and private hospitals have been converting isolation sections for people with Covid-19 before into Covid-19 treatment departments in readiness for the re-occurrence of coronavirus. In addition, several districts still maintained field facilities for treatment and isolation of Covid-19 infected patients.
Last but not least, in the new phase, the city will form three field infirmaries that ensure the on-campus treatment of severe Covid-19 patients.
Along with developing a plan for mobile medical stations and Covid-19 care teams in the community, the health sector has developed four unforeseen response scenarios corresponding to epidemic situations at hospitals.
If the city well controls the pandemic with a few infection cases, three hospitals including field hospital No. 16, the City Children Hospital and Tu Du Maternity Hospital with 2,000 beds, 120 beds of children, and 60 beds for pregnant women.
If the fresh cases of Covid-19 roughly correspond to the second level, the city will use the field hospitals No. 16 and 13 as well as Covid-19 treatment establishments in districts, two above-mentioned children hospitals, and two maternity hospitals Tu Du and Hung Vuong.
Once the city’s pandemic level reaches the third level, the city will use three field hospitals No. 13, 14, 16 and in districts, Cho Ray, Military Hospital 175 and Hospital for Tropical Diseases, three pediatrics hospitals and two maternity hospitals with 11,623 beds for Covid-19 patients, 180 beds for Covid-19 children and 120 beds for moms-to-be.
In the fourth scenario for re-occurrence of Covid-19 with more fresh infection cases, each district must set up a field hospital with over 300 beds in addition to the above-mentioned hospitals in the third level. 

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