HCMC ensures sufficient essential goods for residents in social distancing time

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) announced that Ho Chi Minh City has already stocked sufficient merchandise to serve the demands of its residents, who have entered the social distance period since 0:00 am today.

Accordingly, MIT has instructed its HCMC department to prepare in advance enough commodities for all people living here in case the latest Covid-19 outbreak becomes more serious, and to strictly monitor goods price.

The Domestic Markets Department (member of MIT) is closely cooperating with the HCMC Industry and Trade Department to control merchandise prices, the market demands and supply sources in order to deliver adjustments when necessary.

In addition, this department has also prepared the ‘Plan to Ensure Balance between Demand – Supply for Essential Commodities to Cope with Covid-19 Outbreak in HCMC’, the ‘Plan to Launch Market Stabilization Program 2021’ to help prices remain steady even in unexpected events.

The latest report from the department reveals that the market is still stable, with surplus goods to serve citizens. Particularly, in areas observing Directive No.16/CT-TTg, despite a higher purchasing demand from residents, distribution enterprises can still satisfy theses needs easily.

The HCMC Industry and Trade Department warns that since commodities are well in stock, citizens should not purchase more than needed. Neither should they flock to crowded stores to prevent further Covid-19 outbreak.

At present, the Domestic Markets Department is still working with HCMC to ensure sufficient merchandise at all time for all citizens here, while tackling possible trouble in goods shipping to avoid disruptions in the current supply chains.

Meanwhile, MIT also proposes to develop feasible solutions to aid the trading and consumption of produce in Covid-19 hot spots throughout the nation.

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