HCMC administration issues direction on academic year 2021-2022

HCMC administration has issued urgent direction on tasks in the academic year 2021-2022 for educational institutions in the city with the goal “Education in HCMC overcomes the coronavirus pandemic to develop steadily".
HCMC administration issues direction on academic year 2021-2022 ảnh 1
Accordingly, the directive emphasized, Ho Chi Minh City is starting the new school year in extremely difficult circumstances amid the ongoing Covid-19. However, the city machinery of state and all dwellers are determined to control the epidemic.
With the goal “Education in HCMC overcomes the coronavirus pandemic to develop steadily”, the People’s Committee of HCMC ordered all departments, agencies, the People’s Committee in Thu Duc and authorities in districts, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, unions, and social organizations to carry out tasks.
The education sector has implemented programs and solutions drastically and synchronously to build a healthy and disciplined educational environment as well as strengthen measures to ensure absolute security and school safety, especially in the epidemic situation.
In addition, the education sector continues the implementation of the school year plan flexibly and creatively in accordance with the actual situation with a focus on physical education, health care in schools, building school culture, and teaching of life skills for students. Simultaneously, the health sector has made an emphasis on improving the quality to train a workforce with international qualifications. Last but not least, the sector will implement smart education for promoting lifelong learning.
The People’s Committee requested all educational facilities to carry out the program using flexible solutions to solve available problems.
The city administration will develop the effectiveness of policies to support preschool education, focusing on improving the quality of child care and education. The education should proactively apply innovative and advanced teaching methodologies and maintain the results of universalizing preschool education for 5-year-old children.
High schools should take advantage of appropriate forms of teaching and learning on the internet while teachers should guide parents on how to instruct their children to familiarize themselves with new forms of learning, initially creating open learning materials and a learning ecosystem on the internet environment.
The city will continue to innovate the form of testing and assessment organization on the basis of smart international standards-oriented education, encouraging students to participate in scientific research, and teach practical skills.
Additionally, the city will also focus on correcting the activities of foreign language centers, IT, and private classes in teachers’ houses in accordance with regulations. Educational institutions continue to promote the effectiveness of joint training activities and the application of science, technology and innovation, and develop the startup ecosystem.
Regarding supporting students from poor families affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, the City People's Committee has developed a policy of exemption of tuition fees as well a delay in tuition collection during this time.
Especially, the city will pay special attention to assistance for teachers directly affected by the epidemic, and non-public educational institutions to overcome difficulties of the epidemic, especially preschool education. At the same time, the education sector has called on support for each student who can’t afford laptops and smartphones for learning on the internet.
The City People's Committee also assigned the Department of Health to work with the Department of Education and Training in adopting measures to prevent and control epidemics and other diseases in schools including administration of vaccination for teachers and students under the guidance of the Ministry of Health.
The Department of Finance ought to ensure the budget for education investment to conduct the education sector’s good performance of tasks. Renovation and repair of schools and classrooms should be a top priority so that students can enjoy new schools on returning.
Universities, colleges, and vocational schools, and educational institutions continue to promote the role of the Council of Rectors of universities and the Council of Rectors contributing to improving the quality of higher education and vocational education in the city.

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