French experts to help Vietnam's cities improve climate resilience

French experts promised to help Vietnam enhance the resistance and restoration of cities from the impact of climate change.
At the seminar

At the seminar

At the national workshop organized by the Central Economic Committee, the Ministry of Construction and the French Development Agency in Vietnam on March 7 in Hanoi, experts from France pledged to support the Southeast country to increase its climate resilience. Moreover, French experts will help restore the ecosystem.

Seminar participants said that after 35 years of renovation and development, Vietnam has a high rate of urbanization, reaching 40 percent by 2022 compared to 30.5 percent in 2010. Urbanization is also correlated with the country’s economic development; already, 70 percent of the country’s GDP is generated in cities gradually improving inhabitants’ quality of life in urban areas.

However, the process of urbanization still reveals many limitations. Despite the rapid urban development speed, the country is lacking overall and sustainable strategy. Additionally, urban infrastructure is considered to be not synchronized with social development and environmental protection, wasting natural resources with existing shortcomings in land resources and management capacity.

Therefore, Vietnam is in need of building an overall urban planning strategy to ensure the harmony of issues aiming at the targets of green growth adapting to climate change and net emissions reducing to zero in the year 2050.

Vietnam has an urbanization rate of 40 percent by 2022
Vietnam has an urbanization rate of 40 percent by 2022

Speaking at the seminar, European Union Ambassador to Vietnam Giorgio Aliberti said that the European Union always commits to strongly supporting the Vietnamese government in implementing sustainable development goals including the establishment of the Warm Fund for financing the preparation and implementation of strategic infrastructure investment projects to enhance the adaptability to climate change.

Ho Chi Minh City and France’s Lyon City have 20-year cooperation in the field of urban planning and management; thus, experts from Lyon talked about their experiences in sustainable urban development in Lyon that have been successfully applied.

Due to the natural geographical conditions located in the conformity area of the two rivers, the Rhone River and the Saone River, Lyon City, like many Vietnamese cities are facing serious flooding. Lyon City has applied many specific solutions to minimize vulnerability to environmental dangers and enhance climate recovery.

French Ambassador to Vietnam Nicolas Warnery affirmed that France is always ready to strengthen support for the Government of Vietnam in minimizing activities and adapting to climate change. Experienced French experts from Lyon will help Vietnam clear the issues arisen in the climate change strategy that the provinces and cities of Vietnam are facing.

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