Forces tackle risk of rockfall on expressway’s overpass path

The Management Board of Mai Son Expressway and National Highway No. 45 project in coordination with the contractor yesterday tackled a risk of rockfall at Gieng Mountain, Ha Tien Commune, Ha Trung District, Thanh Hoa Province.

Via solutions of covering the strip of steel wire mesh with grout of cement mortar in combination with the installation of rock fall prevention fences on mountain cliffs and warning signs at the entrance and exit ways of the path, the contractor reinforced the taluy roof on Gieng mountain at the height of 12-54 meters.

Rock fall prevention fences are installed on mountain cliffs.

Previously, to build a path heading to the North-South expressway’s overpass at the stretch passing through the Mai Son Expressway and the National Highway No.45, the contractor exploded a mine to remove rocks impacting on the structure of the Gieng Mountain. The explosion results in the appearance of long horizontal cracks along with a high risk of rock fall and bouncing rocks, especially under the weather conditions of downpours, on the roof of the slopes in both left and right sides.

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