First exhibition of Indochina paintings in Vietnam by Sotheby

Sotheby's auction house yesterday opened its first-ever exhibition of Indochina paintings with the theme of Timeless Souls: beyond the Voyage at Park Hyatt Saigon at 2 Lam Son Street in Ben Nghe Ward of Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1.
First exhibition of Indochina paintings in Vietnam by Sotheby ảnh 1 Logo of the exhibition
The exhibition takes place from July 11 – 14. Not only does this mark the first exhibition in Vietnam held by the art and cultural frontier, but the public event also manifests as one of the largest Indochine Art exhibitions ever staged in the country.
The non-selling exhibition features over 50 works by Le Thi Luu, Le Pho, Mai Trung Thu and Vu Cao Dam, the four renowned early generation graduates from the École des Beaux-Arts de l'Indochine (EBAI) who migrated to France in early 20th century.
The works in this exhibition are like a slice illustrating the period of composition in foreign countries by four artists, expressing the attitude of always looking to the homeland through familiar themes, originating from the historical circuit. Each person's memories and nostalgia such as flowers and landscapes, family and customs, culture and architecture.
This is a non-commercial exhibition sponsored by Sotheby's, the second-largest auction floor in Asia and the world, under the organization of guest curator Ace Le, an Editor-in-Chief at Art Republik Vietnam - a prominent figure in the local art community who facilitate discussions on the authentication, valuation, and identification of Vietnamese modern art.
Sotheby's is holding the record for the highest price for a Vietnamese painting, which is Portrait of Mademoiselle Phuong (rough translation: Portrait of Ms. Phuong) by artist Mai Trung Thu, for US$3.1 million in the auction in April 2021.

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