Economic loss from natural disasters amounts to US$1.7 bln over past 11 months

Generally for 11 months of 2020, the total economic loss from natural disasters was estimated at VND38,400 billion (US$1.7 billion), of which storms and floods caused a significant damage of VND31,700 billion (US$1.4 billion).
(Illustrative photo:SGGP)
(Illustrative photo:SGGP)

According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, deadly rainstorms, floods and landslides hit some localities across the country in November, leaving 104 people dead and missing, 388 injured. Additionally, the natural disasters damaged more than 249 thousand houses, 5.6 thousand cattle and 1.5 million poultry, 66.7 thousand hectares of agricultural land and 35.4 thousand hectares of vegetable crops with the total loss of VND18,700 billion (US$807 million).


In the first 11 months of the year, the natural disasters had left 372 people dead or missing and 1,144 injured, 4,132 collapsed houses, 613,300 damaged houses, 267,000 hectares of agricultural land and 132,500 thousand hectares of vegetable crops were destroyed.

In addition, there had been 12,985 traffic accidents in many provinces and cities nationwide, including 7,495 cases of less serious or more and 5,490 traffic crashes, leaving 6,048 people dead, 3,948 injured people and 5,704 people with minor injuries. 

On average, there are 38 traffic accidents nationwide, including 22 traffic accidents of less serious or more and 16 traffic crashes, causing 18 deaths, 12 people  injured and 17 slightly injured every day in 11 months. 

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