Bun Bo Hue – Most popular Vietnam food favorites

Bun Bo Hue well-known as the most popular Vietnamese food favorite is beef noodle soup or Vietnamese soup containing rice vermicelli, beef and pettioes originated in Hue. It is one of the ten culinary specialties voted in the top of  Vietnamese cuisinesfor the first time in 2012.
Bun Bo Hue – Most popular Vietnam food favorites
Bun Bo Hue – Most popular Vietnam food favorites
Delicious and spicy

A good bowl of Bun Bo Hue contains vermicelli-like rice noodles, spicy soup and beef, adding pork pie, congealed pork blood and a plate of fresh and raw vegetables. 

In Hue city, gourmets could enjoy the dish for the breakfast, lunch and even dinner at O Huong restaurant on Chi Lang Street or O Phung restaurant at Nguyen Du Street, and a restaurant of Me Keo at Bach Dang Street that have been famous for a long time and attracted a lot of people.

 The taste of the dish cooked by chefs in the restaurants will made gourmets to experience a non-descript gustation.

 In the chilling days, one hot bowl of Bun Bo Hue can keep body warmer. 

Bun Bo Hue ensures the quality of the  brand
  Amid food hygiene safety as currently, according to the Regulation "Management and usage of “Bun Bo Hue” brand certification" issued under Decision 1623/QĐ-UBND dated on the July 17, 2016 by the People's Committee of Thua Thien Hue Province), the restaurants using the trademark “Bun Bo Hue” owned by Thua Thien-Hue Provincial People's Committee must first ensure the quality of original Bun Bo Hue.

According to the regulation, the noodle soup must have clear, ensure hot temperature by 80-90 degrees Celsius with a lot of fat on the soup face. The meaty soup must be prepared and used within one day. 

In terms of colors, there must be fresh colors being eye-catching with orange-red color of chili (or fat); the white of vermicelli fiber; the brown color of meat and blood soup; orange color of crab rolls, light pink of pork pie; green of onions and cilantro; red color of chili slice. 

About the smell, a good bowl must wake up the aroma of spicy noodle soup, including the smell of meat, lemongrass and onions intertwined, spice vegetables.

Additionally, the taste must be sweet of fish and bone meaty, spicy without any strange taste.

The requirements of main materials are also very demanding. Vermicelli must be made from rice starch without either sour or strange smell. Rice vermicelli is taken from establishments that authorities have been issued certificates of eligibility for food safety and hygiene, and does not contain banned substances used in food processing such as Tinopal, Natrisunfit, Acid Oxalic, etc.

Meat and meaty products must be quarantined, fresh, uninfected or toxic. Pork feet has been rolled a circle of about 2.5 to 3 centimeters thick; blood soup must be boiled; vegetable and spices must also be clean and fresh including baby mustard, herbs, lettuce, banana flower, etc.

In addition, restaurants using the trademark "Bun bo Hue" must have a cool space with a minimum seating capacity of around 24 guests per turn with clean bowl, spoon, porcelain plate, bamboo chopsticks. Besides that, a positive and friendly attitude in customer service is the requirement; and food hygiene and safety must be certified as qualified service business.

The certificate of the right to use the brandname of “Bun bo Hue” is valid indefinitely. The list of organizations and individuals using the trademark of “Bun bo Hue” is widely announced on the website sanphamhue.vn. The regulations also stipulate that the trademark will be revoked if the business violates the above regulations, or within six months without operation.



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