British Council in Vietnam postpones IELTS test causing many people to worry

On its website, the British Council’s announcement of the postponement of all IELTS tests and Aptis tests scheduled to be held in Vietnam from November 10 until further notice has worried many people.
Prior, the Ministry of Education and Training required more inspection and supervision to be paid to organizations and individuals that organize examinations for foreign language proficiency certificates in localities in accordance with the current regulations.
Additionally, the Ministry requested to strictly handle organizations and individuals that violate regulations on joint organization of foreign language proficiency certification exams all over the country.
Accordingly, the British Council announced that this decision is beyond the control of the council and affects all foreign language tests. The council said that the resumption of testing is subject to approval by the Ministry of Education and Training, with whom it is working closely to restore operations as soon as possible.
On the website, the council wrote that all candidates affected by this decision will be offered a free test date change. The British Council will be providing a free transfer to all affected test takers and reaching out directly via email when the test sessions are allowed to resume.
Earlier, on the evening of November 9, many people received an email announcing the cancellation of the IELTS exam on November 10.
This announcement has caused confusion and worries for many parents whose children are preparing for the IELTS exam to complete the application for scholarships to study abroad as well as to apply directly to universities in the country in the upcoming time because many local universities look at students’ academic performance in five semesters including two semesters in tenth grade, two semesters in eleventh grade and the first semester of 12th grade plus IELTS certificate is used for admissions to educational institutions.
Normally, 12th graders will prepare their documents to be ready to send direct admission to universities of their choice at the end of the first semester; hence, the postponement of the IELTS test by the British Council makes many people confused, for fear that the prolonged delay of the exam will affect a candidate's interest in domestic university admission as well as a candidate's opportunity for applying for a scholarship in schools abroad.
Currently, in Vietnam, two units that are allowed to organize the IELTS test are the British Council and the international education organization IDP. The exam fee is more than VND 4.6 million at one time.
IELTS (International English Language Testing System), an international English language certification exam, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to help you work, study or migrate to a country where English is the native language. The IELTS test is recognized by more than 11,000 training institutions in 140 countries. The IELTS Test Format is four modules - Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading.

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