Block calendars – gift in Tet holiday

In recent years, block calendars are not only for viewing the day and month but has become an aesthetic product, considered a gift every Tet to spring. Calendar makers have paid attention to the design and the content of block calendars; thereby, helping block calendars become more colorful.
Block calendars – gift in Tet holiday ảnh 1 A customer is seeking a calendar

After two years of the Covid-19 pandemic raging, Vietnam's economy this year gradually recovered with stable production and trade while exports are better. Celebrating these achievements, An Hao Company introduces a block calendar with the themes such as Prosperous Vietnam, Radiant Vietnam, Essence of Vietnam, Beautiful homeland of the sea with various sizes for the upcoming Tet holiday 2023.

In particular, after the success since 2017, this year, An Hao decided to bring back the Truyen Kieu block calendar, including 365 illustrations for 3,254 verses. The illustrations in the calendar were made by artist Huu Hieu and his associates. The poem and commentary on Truyen Kieu in this calendar are based on the printed version of the Dictionary of Tales of Kieu by Dao Duy Anh’s second edition with additional corrections published by the Social Science Publishing House in 1993.

In 2017, roughly 30,000 calendar blocks with same design were sold. It is expected that 40,000 blocks will be sold this year. In particular, to make more people buy the masterpiece of the great poet Nguyen Du, the calendar will be sold at the price of VND300,000 instead of VND450,000 as in 2017.

This year, Phuong Nam Spring Calendar also launched the super-maximum calendar of Vietnam, as a way to honor the famous scenery of the country. Each unique destination is represented on each page of the calendar with a beautiful, vibrant selection of images, accompanied by brief but concise introductory information. These calendar blocks are not only a luxurious gift but also travel guidance.

Block calendars – gift in Tet holiday ảnh 2 A customer is seeking a calendar
Last week, the National Political Publishing House surprised consumers when it launched the National Treasures calendar printing 238 national treasures that have been recognized and ranked from 2012 to the present. Calendar blocks are really a cultural item of special value, because they contain a rich and massive source of material about historical events, characters, dynasties, and development step of the economy, cultural and spiritual life, religion and belief, even the daily activities of the people through each period since the Hung Kings. Along with that, two well-regarded calendar blocks of the National Political Publishing House is ‘The country seen from the sea’ and ‘The great solidarity of 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam’ will be introduced to the public in turn.

This year, Ms. Kieu Hanh, Director of Thoi Dai Book Company, said that the company launched 11 sets of block calendars with 8 contents. The price of materials this year is still high, the price of paper has increased by more than 20 percent in comparison with last year. Calendar prices will remain the same as last year, but the discount will be less as supplies has gone up.

However, according to Ms. Vo Thi Kieu Hanh, there is a good sign in this calendar season when more and more loyal customers has returned to buy its products.

With many unique designs through the calendar seasons, the number of block calendar releases of An Hao Company increased by 25 percent this year compared to last year. Ms. Lan Phuong, a representative of An Hao Company, also said that the biggest difficulty in the 2023 calendar season is the high price of materials, mainly paper, increasing by 20 percent-25 percent. She disclosed that in addition to increasing material prices, the inflationary pressure after the Covid-19 pandemic might result in a decrease in consumer purchasing power, greatly affecting sales and revenue.

Accordingly, this year's calendar price ranges from VND 30,000 or more for desk calendars, spring calendars, sheet calendars and from VND 200,000-VND750,000 for block calendars. Unlike last year, there will be a plentiful supply of block calendars in the calendar market this year.