Another monkeypox case detected in HCMC

A 34-year-old male patient living in HCMC has recently tested positive for the monkeypox virus. 

The healthcare authorities in HCMC have conducted epidemiological investigations and have compiled a list of individuals who had contact with the patient.

On October 1, the HCMC Center for Disease Control (HCDC) reported the identification of another patient with monkeypox in HCMC. The city has now documented four cases of monkeypox out of a total of five cases nationwide.

On September 28, a 34-year-old male patient presented himself at the Dermatology Hospital exhibiting suspicious symptoms of monkeypox. The hospital promptly collected samples for testing, which were subsequently sent to the Pasteur Institute in HCMC. Within a day, the test results confirmed that the patient had tested positive for the monkeypox virus. Currently, the patient is in isolation and is receiving treatment.

Following the diagnosis, the HCDC initiated a contact tracing investigation, creating a list of individuals who had close contact with the patient within the 21 days preceding the onset of the illness. According to the epidemiological investigation, the patient is a permanent resident of Binh Chanh District, with no recorded history of contact with foreigners or recent international travel.

After being diagnosed with monkeypox, the patient informed close contacts. Those in close contact with the patient are conducting self-health monitoring at home for 21 days. They have been instructed to report to their local healthcare station if they experience any suspected symptoms.

Furthermore, individuals living with the patient have been provided guidance on thoroughly disinfecting the entire house, rooms, and the patient's personal belongings. Currently, all close contacts are in good health, with no observed signs of illness. The HCDC continues to investigate and monitor the health of both the patient and the close contacts.

According to the HCDC, the previous monkeypox patient who was temporarily residing in HCMC (the third patient) is currently in isolation and receiving treatment, and his health condition is stable. Except for one close contact in Binh Duong Province who contracted monkeypox from this individual, the rest of the close contacts have not exhibited any symptoms of the disease. Consequently, Vietnam has now reported five cases of monkeypox.

As of September 27, there have been a total of 90,630 confirmed monkeypox cases worldwide. The disease has shown a notable surge in Thailand and China, predominantly affecting young males, with many cases linked to same-sex sexual activity.

In Vietnam, monkeypox is categorized as a group B infectious disease. Upon the discovery of the first reported case of monkeypox imported from abroad, the Department of Health immediately instructed the HCDC, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare establishments to initiate monitoring and communication initiatives to curb the disease's transmission.

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