An Giang: About 5,000 laid-off workers receive support of VND2.5 million each

An Giang SAMHO Company in Binh Hoa Industrial Park in Chau Thanh District of An Giang Province has announced that from now until the end of the year, it will suspend and lay off about 5,300 workers due to difficulties in production activities.
An Giang: About 5,000 laid-off workers receive support of VND2.5 million each ảnh 1 An Giang SAMHO pledges to support workers who are laid off at year's end. (Photo: SGGP)
On November 11, the An Giang Provincial Confederation of Labor said it had just agreed with An Giang SAMHO Company (referred to as SAMHO Company), a sports shoe manufacturer, on the support plan for about 5,300 workers who had lost and would lose their jobs from then until the end of the year.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Giang, Vice Chairman of the An Giang Provincial Confederation of Labor, said that the Standing Board of the An Giang Provincial Confederation of Labor agreed to support all union members and workers named in the layoff list of SAMHO Company with VND500,000 for each case, funded by the labor union fund.
Specifically, the provincial Confederation of Labor gives each worker a financial support of VND200,000, the Trade Union of industrial parks give VND100,000, and the grassroots union at the company support VND200,000. The time for support starts after the company announces the official list of workers whose contracts would be terminated.

Mr. Par Yeon Ho, General Director of SAMHO Company, said that the company would give a financial aid of VND2 million to each worker whose contract is cut, applied to those named in the list announced by the company, including workers whose employment tenure is under 12 months and have quit after receiving the notice.

In addition, the company will not cut contracts for maternity cases, women with children under 12 months, single mothers, single fathers, and workers with poor household certificates. At the same time, one laborer in the cases of father and child, mother and child, sisters, brothers, and husband and wife who are working in the company will be retained while the remaining one will be fired. For employees aged 40 and over who have paid unemployment insurance premiums for ten months or more, the company will allow them to continue working until unemployment insurance premiums are paid enough for 12 months.

Previously, according to a report by SAMHO Company, over the past time, the number of orders has decreased. In addition, its partners have stopped placing orders until the end of November 2022, and the company no longer produces for these brands. Due to those difficulties, the company has sent a document to the authorities of An Giang Province on the plan to reduce production and rearrange labor to maintain production and attached the company's labor use plan.

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