African swine fever not cause for pig death in Vietnam’s north

The Department of Animal Health took samples of pigs in the northern province of Lang Son where dead pigs are reported. However, test results showed that they are negative for African swine fever (ASF) virus.

African swine fever not cause for pig death in Vietnam’s north

Leaders of the Department of Animal Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development came to the northern province of Lao Cai, Lang Son and neighboring provinces where reported outbreaks of dead pigs.

It is highly likely that African swine fever (ASF) make an entrance into Vietnam, said deputy head of the Department of Animal Health Dam Xuan Thanh.

Additional six samples were taken to send to Hanoi for further test which proved to be negative for the virus also.

In spite of negative test result, the possibility of virus entrance is very high. Mr. Thanh said that the Government has requested the Department to work out a hypothetic plan to cope with the virus.

Presently, the Department has taken samples of dead pigs, diseased pigs and illegally transported animal to early discover.

As per the Department of Animal Health, ASF is a dangerous disease. The World Organization for Animal Health announced from 2017, 19 nations in the world reported the disease killing over 840, 000 pigs. China had to kill 470,000 pigs. Worse, the disease appeared in provinces in bordering with Vietnam.