Vietnamese-made vaccine achieves WHO’s NRA

Vietnam becomes one of 39 nations in the world which the World Health Organization (WHO) assessed its vaccine to achieve the national regulatory authorities. This means Vietnamese vaccine is good enough.

This is considered a good progress in manufacturing vaccine for disease prevention of the country. As per experts, Vietnam achieved WHO’s national regulatory authorities is just the first step to pave the way for vaccine export to the world since next step is greatly dependent on policy makers and manufacturers strategies.

In other words, Vietnamese vaccine makers should invest more in equipment, facilities and personnel to achieve WHO’s standards to be able to participate in an international bidding.

Currently, Vietnam has produced 12 vaccines used in the National Expanded Immunization Program. In addition the Southeast Asian has finished experiments for the stage of pre-clinical evaluation and on the next stage.

Vaccine manufacturers in Vietnam have just acquired Good manufacturing practices (GMP) standards issued by the Ministry of Health, but the country must attain WHO’s GMP standard which is stricter for vaccine export.

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