Vietnamese Health Ministry recalls drug for failing to meet requirement

The Drug Administration under Vietnamese Ministry of Health decided to remove an over-the-counter drug from the market for the medicine failed to meet the requirement of volume.
Yesterday, the Administration sent a document to the departments of Health across the country on the nationwide recall of Atisalbu oral solution (Salbutamol 2mg/5ml), with lot number 9509 and expiry date November 22, 2021 produced by An Thien Pharmaceutical Company, because the drug failed meet the volume standard.
Accordingly, the Drug Administration of Vietnam required An Thien Pharmaceutical Company to recall the medicine from wholesale and retail drugstores. An Thien Pharmaceutical Company must report recall result to the Drug Administration of Vietnam.
In addition, the departments of Health should notify all pharmacies to recall the batch of drugs that fail to meet the above-mentioned quality. Establishments which don’t follow the direction will receive punishment according to current regulations.

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