Vietnamese fresh coconut consumed in US

At present, exporter Vina T&T in Ho Chi Minh City exports around 500,000 fresh coconuts to the US every week.

Photo: SGGP
Photo: SGGP
There has been rising demand for fresh coconuts in  the global markets including South Korea, Canada, Australia especially the US. Fresh coconut water is favored by American consumers.
For years, the US has bought fresh coconuts from Thailand and the Philippines. Now, the demand is risen drastically, the US importers have placed order for Vietnamese fruit.

From July, 2017 to now, the company had exported many batches of coconut to the US and the fruit received warm welcome from local consumer proving that Vietnamese fruit is able to improve its competitiveness with their Thai peers in the US market.
Currently, Vietnam exports fresh coconut to the US market in two forms; one is canned coconut and two is whole coconut which outer skin is peeled off.

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