Vietnamese celebs advised to have checkup as Covid-19 patients attend shows

Ho Chi Minh City health authority advised local celebrities who attended high-profile fashion events in Milan (Italy ) and Paris ( France) to undergo health checkups because the confirmed Covid-19 patient and her sister testing positive for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) have attended the events.
Vietnamese celebs advised to have checkup as Covid-19 patients attend shows
In its document to the departments of Culture and Sports, Information and Communications, district people’s committees on increasing supervision on people who have contacted Covid-19 infected patients, the Department of Health disclosed that the 17th confirmed Covid-19 case in Vietnam and her older sister were also present at those events.
The older sister, who lives in the UK, tested positive for the new coronavirus before the 17th Covid-19 patient did.
Many Vietnamese celebrities in Ho Chi Minh City attended these events during the Milan Fashion Week in Italy from February 18 to 24 and the Paris Fashion Week in France from February 24 to March 3.
Therefore, health authority encouraged the celebrities to visit nearby local medical facilities to have their health checked.
Additionally, people’s committees in districts and police officers will carry out checks to detect those returning from Milan (Italy) and Paris (France) to ask them to have medical checkups.
According to the city Center of Disease Control, as of March 9, 402 people were being placed under quarantine in three makeshift hospitals in Cu Chi, Nha Be and District 7 while 364 others are being quarantined in district isolation wards. Of them, 62 finished 14 days isolation.
Some 3,611 have been kept at home and hotels and 3,028 finished 14 days isolation.

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