Vietnam liaises with WHO on Ebola

The Ministry of Health will liaise with the World Health Organization (WHO) to update the disease’s developments caused by Ebola virus.

Medical workers are doing task in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Medical workers are doing task in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Because the Ebola virus recurring in the Democratic Republic of Congo with complicated developments claimed lives of 25 people and infecting 45 others, Vietnamese Ministry of Health said it must work closely with WHO to supervise the disease cause by the fatal virus.

The ministry requested localities nationwide to enhance supervision in border gates and in the community to implement measure to prevent the disease from entering into Vietnam.

According to WHO, the disease caused by Ebola virus reoccurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo since April, 2018 and developed complicatedly. From April 4 to May 18, the disease infected 45 people including 25 deaths.

Ebola is mainly transmitted by contact with blood or other bodily fluids of infected humans or other animals. Ebola’s symptoms are somewhat similar in the initial stages of dengue fever but differ later on. Within two days to three weeks of contacting the virus, the patient may show symptoms of fever, sore throat, muscle pain, and headaches. This escalates to vomiting, diarrhea and a rash, as well as impaired kidney and liver function.

In some cases, patients show both internal and external bleeding, such as oozing from the gums, or blood in the stools. Incubation period from two to 21 days are not always easy to detect.