Vietnam applies anti-dumping measures on Chinese cold-rolled steel products

Based on the investigation results from September 2019 to now, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has just issued Decision No.3390 on the application of anti-dumping measures for some cold-rolled steel products in rolls or sheets originating from China and being dumped into Vietnam.

The above decision is to prevent and minimize damage to the domestic manufacturing industry caused by the impact of a large volume of imported cold-rolled steel products.

Anti-dumping measures will take effect for five years, starting from December 28, 2020, with applicable tax rates from 4.43 percent to 25.22 percent for current HS codes, including 7209.16.10, 7209.16.90, 7209.17.10, 7209.17.90, 7209.18.91, 7209.18.99, 7209.26.10, 7209.26.90, 7209.27.10, 7209.27.90, 7209.28.10, 7209.28.90, 7209.90.90, 7211.23.20, 7211.23.30, 7211.23.90, 7211.29.20, 7211.29.30, 7211.29.90, and 7255.50.90.