Vietnam abolishes household register books not residential management

Minister of Public Security To Lam this morning said that police agencies would scrap household register books but still implement residential management measures such as temporary residence registration toward simplifying procedures and papers.
Minister of Public Security To Lam (Photo:
Minister of Public Security To Lam (Photo:
Talking to reporters on the sideline of the National Assembly’s session this morning, Mr. Lam said that the ministry would soon organize a press conference to fully provide information about the book abolishment.
The ministry will invite press agencies to attend a meeting this afternoon or tomorrow to answer all public questions about the matter, added Mr. Lam.
Residential management must be conducted to ensure the state’s management function but procedures will be simplified.
Police agencies will apply new methods of residential management with the basic principle of maximum simplification. Paper removal does not mean management abolishment, he said. Authorized agencies will specify new diversified management forms.

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