Two rare blood donors awarded certificates of merit

In the flag salute ceremony on April 2, Vice director of the Department of Health in Ha Tinh Province cum director of the local infirmary Nguyen Viet Dong had authorization of Vietnamese Health Minister to present certificates of merit to Nguyen Quy Hung and Nguyen Van Quan who voluntarily donated their rare blood to save an old woman.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Dong gives certificates of merit to two donors (Photo: SGGP)
Dr. Nguyen Viet Dong gives certificates of merit to two donors (Photo: SGGP)
Before, on March 3, 70-year-old woman Ho Thi Thi in Thach Ha District was rushed to the general hospital when she was fatigue and had black shit. After undergoing tests and stomach endoscopy, she was diagnosed to have anemia because of gastric haemorrhage.

Further tests showed that the number of red blood cells decreased drastically; accordingly she needed blood transfusion as quickly as possible or else her life was put in danger.

However, the old woman is Rh-positive types A (the rate of Rh- of types O, A, B, AB in Vietnam is 0.08 percent). However, only one person in the province belongs to the same blood type with her and he has gone abroad to work.

The infirmary contacted the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion where confirmed the rare blood is not available. The infirmary phoned to the rare blood club in the Central to try its luck. Hung and Quan immediately arrived at the hospital in the night, spent hours from Quang Binh province to Ha Tinh province (around 200km) to give their blood for saving the old woman.

The provincial Department of Health March 6 reported their good deed to the Ministry of Health proposing to award them certificates of merit.

At the ceremony, Dr. Nguyen Viet Dong said their good deed develop the country’s tradition. Each person should follow them to donate blood to save others’ lives
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