Traffic bottlenecks in Southeast region relieved to increase regional connection

The Southeast provinces of Vietnam have a promising socio-economic development rate; yet, it is the current transport network here that has prevented the region from reaching its fullest potential. It is high time the localities cooperated to address this congestion for a better future.

Construction of Bach Dang Bridge to connect the two provinces of Binh Duong and Dong Nai

The key traffic plans to link among Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces of Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh, and Dong Nai for socio-economic development were introduced from 2016-2020. At the beginning of this quarter, the shape of these connection roads can be gradually seen.

Ring Road No.3 with the length of 26km linking HCMC and Binh Duong Province is on the way to completion. It has 8 high-speed lanes, 3 parallel lanes, and the 5.25m wide pavement each side. It is expected to address the frequent congestion and traffic accidents on the gateway from Binh Duong Province and Dong Nai Province to HCMC.

Ring Road No.4 with the length of 48 km, also linking HCMC and Binh Duong Province, is half way. It has 8 high-speed lanes and a road width of 74.5m. It goes past many major industrial parks like VSIP 3, VSIP 2A. Binh Duong Province is particularly focusing on the sections of Dat Cuoc – VSIP 3, VSIP 3 – VSIP 2A, and VSIP 2A – My Phuoc 3, with the total construction length of 14.6km.

HCMC – Thu Dau Mot – Chon Thanh Expressway construction project is at the preparation stage, with regular discussion on traffic directions and lane scale. Binh Duong Province People’s Committee proposed state agencies to launch this project under a cooperative model among ministries and units.

The road expansion project for National Way No.13 from 6 to 8 lanes is a key plan as well to increase the transport capacity between HCMC and Binh Duong Province. The project will begin at the 12.7km section adjacent to HCMC to Le Hong Phong Street (adjacent to Thu Dau Mot City). This expansion is corresponding to another similar project for DT743 Road to 6 lanes (from Mieu Ong Cu Intersection of Binh Duong Province to Song Than Intersection of HCMC), which is nearly completed.

A bridge construction project, worth VND370 billion (US$16.1 million) over Saigon River to connect the provinces of Binh Duong and Tay Ninh has just been finished. To better boost the traffic flow, Tay Ninh Province has basically completed the road expansion project for Dat Set – Ben Cui Street, linking to DT744 Road.

Secretary of Binh Phuoc Province Party Committee Nguyen Manh Cuong reported that the traffic connection between his province and neighboring regions like HCMC, the Mekong Delta, and the Central Highlands is quite limited and requires urgent development. Using DT753 Road from this province to Long Thanh International Airport or Cai Mep – Thi Vai Port is 60km shorter than travelling on the current route. Unluckily, this new route cannot be used as the bridge over Ma Da River is destroyed, while there is not yet a unified plan to go past Dong Nai Province Cultural and Natural Reserve.

Therefore, in accordance with the Road Network Planning from 2021-2030, with a Vision to 2050, approved by the Prime Minister, Binh Phuoc Province proposed a bridge construction project over Ma Da River as soon as possible from 2021-2025 so that DT753 Road (from Binh Phuoc Province) can be smoothly connected to DT761 Road of Dong Nai Province and DT762 Road to form National Way No.13C, linking to National Way No.1.

Gia Nghia – Chon Thanh Expressway construction project has finished the planning stage. Being a part of the Western side of the North-South Expressway, it is 140km long, with 6 lanes. The two provinces of Binh Phuoc and Dak lak have submitted a formal dispatch for the approval of preparation steps to invest and launch this important project from 2021-2025 to support the growth of both Binh Phuoc Province and the Central Highlands.

Finally, Binh Phuoc Province has asked the National Assembly and the Government to consider investment in completing the section from Chon Thanh – Duc Hoa of Ho Chi Minh Road. This section is around 82.75km and intersects with National Way No.14 at Chon Thanh District of Binh Phuoc Province. It ends at the intersection with DT825 Road and Hau Nghia Bypass in Duc Hoa District of Long An Province. This is considered the main road to link between Binh Phuoc Province and the Mekong Delta.