Tons of trash build up across downtown Hanoi

Tons of trash have built up in residential blocks and roads across downtown Hanoi yesterday because residents living near the Nam Son dump site in Hanoi’s Soc Son District stopped blocking garbage trucks from entering the site.
Tons of trash build up across downtown Hanoi
According to the Urban Sanitation Company in the capital city, residents of Hong Ky and Nam Son communes in Soc Son District have blocked vehicles from entering Nam Son dump site; as a result, 700 vehicles carrying 7,000 tons of trash queuing along the path leading to the landfill.
A leader of the People’s Committee in Nam Son Commune said residents living near the Nam Son dump site stopped vehicles as they were angered over the local authorities’ delays in compensation for resettlement. This is second time residents there have prevented trucks from entering the landfill from the beginning of the year.
before, in July, residents had hindered trucks carrying garbage into the landfill in five days; city authorities ordered trucks to carry waste to the Xuan Son landfill in Son Tay District and makeshifts dump sites; however, garbage has still piled up in the city.
three recent years, residents in the landfill stopped trucks carrying garbage many times as they were filled with resentment over environment pollution in the commune while authorities and related state competent agencies are delayed in solving the problem.
Director of Urenco 8 Urban Sanitation Company Cao Xuan Thin said that the Nam Son landfill receives approximately 5,000 tons of rubbish accounting for 77 percent of the capital city’s garbage a day. Presently, the local government and the company advised people to let the pilling trucks into the landfill to curb pollution.
Deputy Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen The Hung worked with related competent agencies on the progress of the second phase of the waste treatment plant Nam Son. He requested to solve the problem thoroughly to curb pollution and impose fines on the owners of vehicles leaking out waste water in roads causing pollution.

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