Time of comprehensive check of TikTok in Vietnam postponed

The Information and Communications Ministry announced that the comprehensive check of TikTok in Vietnam is delayed until next week instead of May 15 as planned.
TikTok is creating worrying influences on its users

TikTok is creating worrying influences on its users

The location for this check to happen is in HCMC, where the headquarter of TikTok Technologies Vietnam Co. Ltd. is sited.

The check will focus on TikTok’s observance of the Vietnamese Laws, including the obedience of regulations on providing social networking services to Vietnamese users (information censorship, user authentication, blocking and removal of information violating the Vietnamese Laws, complaint handling).

This comprehensive check will also pay attention to applicable algorithms to distribute or recommend content to TikTok users; users’ information collection, management, storage, and use; information safety and cyber security maintenance.

The compliance with regulations on advertising, celebrities and TikTok Idol management, e-commerce service provision, fulfillment of tax duty will be checked as well. Another matter that will be strictly checked is the observance of legal regulations on child protection and social evil prevention on cyberspace.

Finally, functional agencies will evaluate possible effects of TikTok on teenagers.

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