Thailand proposes establishing cyber security agency

The Thai Government has proposed a draft law on cyber security which allows the establishment of a new government agency with the authority to monitor internet traffic.
Thailand proposes establishing cyber security agency

In addition, the legislation would give a newly created National Cyber Security Committee (NCSC) the power to order the removal of content and seize computers without judicial oversight.

The committee will be able to access the computers of individuals or private companies, make copies of information, and enter private property without court orders.

The NCSC could also summon businesses or individuals for interrogation and force them to hand over information belonging to other parties.

Criminal penalties would be imposed for those who do not comply.

Deputy Secretary of Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy Somsak Khaosuwan said the government is now discussing revisions of the draft and the law will conform to international standards. It is expected to gain approval by year-end.-VNA

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