Sustainably strengthening position of Vietnamese rice in UK mạrket

Regarding exported rice and Vietnamese rice brands, on the afternoon of May 4, the Vietnam Trade Office in the UK informed that in 2020, the volume of Vietnamese rice imported into the UK increased from 1,296 tons, worth nearly US$1.3 million in 2019, to 3,396 tons, worth over $2.6 million.
The Vietnam Trade Office in the UK said that to create a larger market breakthrough and strengthen a sustainable position for Vietnamese rice in the UK, as well as other major markets, the Vietnamese rice industry needs to implement a branding strategy suitable for each market.

The national brand program needs to select some high-quality and high-yield rice varieties to name them in a simple, easy-to-remember, easy-to-pronounce way along with the place where the rice is grown (Soc Trang Vietnam rice, for instance) or the name of the creator of that rice variety (like Mr. Cua rice) to easily register for brand protection abroad.

Although ST25 rice was awarded as the world’s best rice in 2019, a small number of British people know about it, and the marketing effectiveness in the UK market is not much.

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