Survey on impact of Covid-19 on Vietnamese consumer behaviors carried out

Nielsen Vietnam and with Infocus Mekong Mobile Panel have just conducted a survey to understand how Vietnamese react and behave towards the Coronavirus outbreaks.
The survey has showed that 47 percent of respondents have changed their eating habits while 60 percent of them have changed entertainment/ fun activities and 70 percent of them have re-evaluated their travel plans.
44 percent of respondents felt their income has been impacted.
Covid-19 made impact on  not only consumer behaviors but also shopping and out-of-home activities. 45 percent of people participating in the survey said they stock more food at while half of respondents said they have reduced frequency of visiting supermarkets, grocery stores and traditional markets.
However, 25 percent of survey participants revealed that they increase online shopping activities and reduced their shopping outside of their houses.
Along with consumer behavior changes, people purchased more instant noodle, frozen foodstuff, bottled water, canned food and sausages. Additionally, people bought more personal care commodities, paper and home care goods.

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