Sugar cane farmers in Hau Giang at risk of losing because of flooding

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Phung Hiep District in the Mekong delta province of Hau Giang said that flood water from the upstream has threatened 7,500 - hectare sugar cane fields.

The district is one of areas with largest sugar cane field in the Mekong delta and the fields are at risk of inundation in next days because dykes are weak.

Flood waters have overflowed into the field now; therefore, farmers have to harvest sugar canes in nearly 300 hectare to sell at VND700 per kilogram to traders.

As per the plan, farmers will harvest the tree in 1,500 – hectare field. To help farmers to have profit, competent agencies in Phung Hiep District have asked producers to buy the tree at VND800 a kilogram.

Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen The Tu fretted local farmers spend VND700-750 a kilogram as production cost but they sell at the same price; they hardly have profit.