Step up corruption fight, voters urge President Sang

Voters in the nation's commercial hub told President Truong Tan Sang yesterday that they wanted tougher moves against corruption and better support for workers.

Voters in the nation's commercial hub told President Truong Tan Sang yesterday that they wanted tougher moves against corruption and better support for workers.

Step up corruption fight, voters urge President Sang ảnh 1
President Truong Tan Sang meets with the voters in HCM City's District 4. — VNA/VNS Photo Nguyen Khang

Meeting with the President in HCM City's District 4, they raised several other concerns including housing for low-income workers and education reform.

Yesterday's meeting with the voters followed the 8th session of the month-long 13th National Assembly that ended last Friday.

HCM City voters praised the 8th session for dealing seriously and responsibly with a huge workload and ensuring that public concerns were reflected in the process.

However, not enough was being done on several key issues including the retrieval of ill-gotten assets, salary reforms, housing policies for low-income people and investment in science and technology, they added.

Voter Vu Hoang Ninh urged the National Assembly to closely monitor the taking back of assets involved in corruption cases.

He said severe measures were necessary to remove the seeds of corruption in the country.

Another voter, Quach Tu Anh, said the lack of food safety had reached alarming levels, requiring more inspections as well as the raising of people's awareness.

Other voters said they were not happy with the latest increase in minimum wages. The National Assembly should strictly supervise the salary reform process and ensure improved access to social insurance.

They also asked for more investment in and encouragement of scientific initiatives. Talented citizens need greater rewards and recognition, they said.

President Sang welcomed the voters' opinions and told them that the Party and the State were determined to fight corruption.

However, he admitted that the follow up on some cases had not been thorough.

Sang urged the voters to co-operate with the authorities in supervising corruption cases. He said taking back assets acquired through corruption was not easy because more sophisticated and complicated means were being deployed, but agreed that quick action was needed.

The fight against corruption will surely succeed if the Party, the State and the people acted with determination, he said.

The President agreed that the current salary policies suffered several shortcomings. He said there were many ways to increase wages, but the most important thing was to increase labour productivity, because Viet Nam is said to be lagging behind in this aspect compared to other countries in the region.

The Party and State were also focused on effecting educational reforms, Sang said, citing a National Assembly resolution as evidence.

"It is evident that wealthy countries are those with developed education (sectors), not those rich in natural resources… and a big population," he said.

He urged the people to be confident and join the nation's efforts to reform its education sector.

Regarding the unsatisfactory management of food safety and hygiene and the use of harmful pesticides, Sang asked the voters to suggest realistic solutions and keep a close watch on the work of relevant authorities so as to ensure a healthy environment for each individual and the community as a whole.

He praised HCM City for its successes in building low-income houses for the poor, saying these should be emulated by other cities and provinces.

He stressed that the Party and the State always encouraged and created conditions for each and every one to contribute to national construction and defence. —