ST24 rice nominated for five-star OCOP product recognition

The National OCOP Council has recently selected ST24 rice as a qualified product to submit to the Prime Minister for the recognition of the five-star “One Commune, One Product” (OCOP) product.
ST24 rice nominated for five-star OCOP product recognition ảnh 1 ST24 rice is nominated for five-star OCOP product recognition. (Photo: SGGP)

Accordingly, ST24 fragrant rice of Ho Quang Tri Private Company in Soc Trang Province has just been chosen by the National Council for classification and evaluation of OCOP products to be a nominee on the list of products submitted to the PM for the recognition of five-star OCOP products. 

In 2017, ST24 rice entered the top three Best Rice in the World's Best Rice contest held in Macau. In April 2021, ST24 rice was also certified to meet the organic standards of the US and Europe.

The total number of products proposed to be recognized as five-star OCOP products this time is 20 products from 11 provinces and cities across the country. Of the nominees, the Mekong Delta region has three products, which are all rice products, including Thien Vuong specialty fragrant rice, Tien Nu rice from An Giang Province, and ST24 fragrant rice from Soc Trang Province.

Being recognized as a five-star OCOP product will create motivation to develop local specialties and attract more investment. Besides, the product will have the opportunity to enter the supermarket network, advertise to consumers nationwide, and head to building the national OCOP product brand.

In related news, according to US-based The Rice Trader (TRT), Ho Quang Tri Private Company is the first Vietnamese enterprise that TRT officially allowed to use the exclusive logo of the “World’s Best Rice” award of TRT in promoting and trading of ST25 rice product after completing the necessary agreements.

Previously, in 2019, TRT recognized the success of Vietnam's ST25 rice in front of more than 600 representatives of the international rice industry, including speakers, sponsors, and delegates, at the largest event of the global rice industry and trade.

This event is truly an international recognition of the prestige of the national rice industry that Vietnam has earned through years of hard work in developing rice varieties and quality. Vietnam also ranked second in the contest held in 2020.

At the same time, TRT released a press release about the fact that many Vietnamese rice enterprises use the logo of the "World's Best Rice" award on their packages without recognition. This might cause Vietnam to lose the right to participate in this contest.

TRT officially warns many other Vietnamese enterprises about respect when using the copyrighted "World's Best Rice" logo on rice packages being traded in the market.

This is an illegal use of the intellectual property rights and regulations of the logo of the "World's Best Rice" award. Without a proper resolution, TRT will reveal the names of infringers.

Moreover, TRT is seriously considering taking away the rights of Vietnam to participate in this contest in the upcoming years.