Six State-owned corporations fail to achieve revenue targets

Six State-owned enterprises and corporations, including Vietnam Airlines Corporation, Airports Corporation of Vietnam, Vietnam Railways Corporation, Vietnam Coffee Corporation, and Vietnam Southern Food Corporation, failed to meet the annual revenue and profit targets. Vietnam Electricity could not achieve the revenue target despite having obtained the profit plan.

Information from the conference to review the work in 2021 and deploy the tasks in 2022 of the Committee for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises on January 8 shows that the total revenue of 19 affiliated corporations and groups reached 99 percent of the plan with more than VND821.29 trillion.

Some corporations and groups have made great efforts, achieved profits, and contributed to the State budget much higher than in previous years. Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group contributed an estimate of nearly VND5.41 trillion to the consolidated budget, equaling 102 percent of the plan; The State Capital Investment Corporation paid to the parent company's budget an estimated VND9.45 trillion, equaling 286 percent.

At the conference, the Committee for Management of State Capital at Enterprises informed that many investment projects were behind schedule; the disbursement rate of investment plans of most units was lower than the plan; the restructuring, equitization, and divestment was slower than expected.

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