Police warn of tricks to defraud job applicants

The Cybersecurity and Hi-tech Crime Prevention Division (PA05) in Ho Chi Minh City warned of tricks of pretending to be domestic and foreign businesses and corporations recruiting jobs to defraud applicants.
Police warn of tricks to defraud job applicants

Police warn of tricks to defraud job applicants

According to PA05, fraudsters design fake internet domain names or fake social networking sites with the same logos, images, tax codes, and addresses of domestic and foreign corporations and businesses to lure job seekers into their traps. Fraudsters also used calls and distributed spam messages to mobile subscribers about stories that they made up intended to defraud victims.

When people contacted them looking for a job, these swindlers impersonated staff of companies' personnel divisions to ask job seekers to comply with their request to get a job. Then, they used fake images, cut and edited them into recruitment contracts, and employment commitments and promised attractive income. Victims mistakenly think they are applying for a job or negotiating a job with a real business and a real job.

In addition, hustlers also illegally collect digital data and personal data of people by asking victims to provide information and personal data including résumé, ID card, bank account, and phone number which deceivers can use the above information to borrow money through the app and lure the victim to authenticate the loan.

Moreover, according to PA05, tricky persons will lure job applicants to transfer money and pay a deposit to get a job at a business or corporation. Additionally, scammers will tell job seekers to work online at home, through tasks such as giving likes, shares, virtual orders, virtual reviews, watching movies, and listening to music to receive money. After many victims have been scammed, they still mistakenly thought that they were being scammed by the impersonated company or business.

Police officials recommended that a job seeker should contact companies and businesses directly on official channels, and go directly to the company for confirmation to ensure safety. Companies and businesses that are impersonated need to promptly publish warnings about counterfeit behavior and report to the police the above fraud and counterfeit behavior to fight and handle it according to regulations.

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