Police, banks to support residents in setting up biometrics authentication

Amid scams related to biometrics authentication, the Ho Chi Minh City Police in collaboration with the banks jointly supported residents to set up biometrics in all apps of banks.

Police collaborate with banks to support residents in setting up biometrics authentication.

That would contribute to preventing criminals or bank account hackers.

As of July 9, the Cu Chi District Police said that the unit had signed a cooperation agreement with the Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB Bank) to support residents in setting up biometrics authentication in all apps of banks.

According to Cu Chi District Police, on July 1, the State Bank of Vietnam implemented security solutions in online payments and bank card payments with facial biometric verification for online bank transfers of VND10 million (US$390) or more.

However, due to the overloaded situation, numerous customers have been facing difficulties in successfully setting up biometrics authentication leading to many scammers that impersonated bankers to give guidance on establishing biometrics authentication to appropriate assets and personal information of customers.

The police identified that they made phone calls to and impersonated bankers to require residents to send personal information and a photo of their citizen identification cards.

In addition, they even made video calls for facial verification, collecting voices and gestures and asking residents to access strange links to download and set up apps supporting the collection of biometrics on smartphones.

In order to ensure the safety of residents together with imposing security solutions and supporting online biometrics installation, the police forces suggested that residents should not provide their OTP codes, bank account passwords, personal information and so on to anyone else, even banks.

Besides, it is essential not to access strange links via Facebook, Zalo, SMS and so on to avoid being cheated or stolen personal information.

Residents should take caution and regularly update the latest news related to fraud cases using high technology to obtain information about the methods and tricks of current criminals.

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