People lured into illegal betting during Euro 2024

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Public Security recommended that residents should be aware of organized gambling activities in the form of football betting during Euro 2024.


The gambling act in the form of football betting by money or valuables will constitute a criminal offense and face administrative violations or criminal prosecution.

Currently, gambling organizations have established multiple football betting websites with their servers being located overseas; and accelerate advertisement to attract more and more bettors.

Bettors only need internet-connected devices, a registered account and a banking account to join the betting activities.

Besides, numerous bettors have been granted accounts for gambling, passwords and an advance deposit with virtual currency for betting.

In case bettors do not have enough money for payment, the football betting conductors force bettors to refund or illegally hold people into custody, appropriate properties and so on.

In June, 2024, the Department of Public Security of Da Nang City razed an online football betting ring led by Nguyen Van Trung with a betting account balance of 100,000 points, equaling VND1 billion (US$39,321).

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