HCMC Police warn of illegal betting during Euro 2024

Amid the kickoff of Euro 2024 and Copa America 2024 within a month, football matches have been luring concerns from a huge number of football fans worldwide, including from Vietnam.


However, this period is likely to break out various forms of betting activities.

Amid the situation, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Public Security issued a warning on illegal betting related to football matches of the two tournaments.

The department informed that many people have been lured into football betting during Euro 2024 with the promise of big returns at online sports betting sites.

That can lose bettors' assets, even increasing a significant risk for various types of crimes and legal violations such as theft, robbery, property fraud, intentional injury, usurious lending, human trafficking and so on.

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Public Security recommended that residents should be aware of organized gambling activities in the form of football betting during Euro 2024 with money or valuables that will constitute a criminal offense and handle administrative violations or criminal prosecution as stipulated in Articles 321 and 322 of the Criminal Code.

Currently, gambling organizations exploit online platforms to establish multiple football betting websites with their servers being located overseas; and accelerate advertisement to attract more and more bettors.

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