Party Congress attracts foreign media interest

The ongoing 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) continues to attract interest from foreign media.

In Beijing, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Radio and many Chinese newspapers have carried reports over the past few days on the 11th National Party Congress of Vietnam, highlighting the country’s achievements in 25 years of implementing the national renewal process.

The newspapers interviewed many Vietnamese people, who said they watched news on the Party Congress and believed the renewal process brought great achievements to the country. The people wished that the Congress would elect new leaders with morality and talent to play a key role in the country’s development.

In Havana, the Granma daily of the Communist Party of Cuba on Jan. 13 carried news and photos of the Congress’s opening ceremony, citing a speech by the event’s chair Nguyen Minh Triet, Party Politburo member and State President.

The speech affirmed that despite the challenges and impacts of the global financial crisis, the Vietnamese Party and people were determined to exert efforts to develop Vietnam into an industrialised country by 2020. State President Triet also stated that Marxism - Leninism have been the firm foundation of the renewal process in Vietnam over the past 25 years.

Meanwhile, “the Age” daily of Australia on Jan. 13 said that the Communist Party of Vietnam committed to carefully consider the model for national economic growth to build Vietnam into an industrialised country by 2020, while accelerating democracy in the Party.

An article by Roberto Tofani on the World Politics Review of Australia wrote since implementing the renewal process in 1986, Vietnam had posted rapid economic growth. In 2010, Vietnam obtained an economic growth rate of 6.7 percent despite impacts of the global financial crisis. The country also succeeded in poverty reduction and has exerted efforts to fulfill the UN’s millennium development goals (MDGs).

Answering Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Poldi Sosa Schmidt, President of the Argentina-Vietnam Culture Institute, said members of the institute and many Argentinean people who have sentiments with Vietnam, watched the news on the 11 th National Party Congress, an important event to decide the development of Vietnam in the coming years.

She said that 25 years of the renewal process proved the capacity of the Communist Party of Vietnam in timely, suitably and bravely summing up historical experiences and implementing changes but keeping initial basic principles.

She expressed her belief that the 11th National Party Congress of Vietnam would work out suitable development orientations for Vietnam in the next decade, especially in maintaining national characteristics and guiding young generations to preserve the revolutionary tradition.

The Pravda daily newspaper of the Communist Party of Russia ran an article in its Jan. 14 issue, affirming that the 11 th National Congress of the CPV is a milestone on Vietnam’s path to socialism.

Sergey Aphonin, a former reporter of Russian news agency TASS, expressed his hope that the 11th National Party Congress would open a new page for Vietnamese revolution, summarise the theory and reality of building a socialist regime and put forward specific tasks for Vietnam’s socio-economic development in the coming years.

Under the dynamic, clear-sighted and experienced leadership of the CPV, Vietnam is sure to become a democratic and prosperous country, he said./.

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